Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quivira Park Bike Group Ride 9 - June 26, 2010 LifeTrek.Eroe.com

I was out of town for ride 8 which took the Lake Olathe Route but there is a short write up on the Quivira Park Bike Group website.  Thanks to Ron Kneib for leading, taking a picture, and providing the wrap-up.

For Ride 9 we did not have a map as I was going upload the route from my Garmin but unfortunately some of the faster riders missed the turn off of 175th Street to Ridgeview Road which would have taken us to Spring Hill.  So rather than slitting up we re-grouped further down 175th Street and decided to detour down Clare Road to the south then over 199th Street to Gardner Road where we continued the planned route.  We also missed the turn to go around Gardner Lake on the south and then up to 151st Street but still all in all a very nice ride.  I will get this route mapped at a future date.

The weather was hot and humid with temperatures in the 80's at the start and high 90's at the end.  The humidity was the big factor, however.  We stopped at one of the new riders Grandparent's house on Clare where we filled up with water and ice.  The picture to the left was taken at our SAG stop.  Left to right are Ed, Jake, Patrick, Eli, Joe, John, Rick, Joe, Carlo, Garrett, Griffith, and Ron.

I was pretty spent from the 75K ride and humidity so thanks to John for riding with me coming back over 143rd Street.

The map of the ride which includes mileage on a short warm-up ride from my house can be downloaded from my Garmin.

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