Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quivira Park Bike Group Ride 4 - May 22, 2010

After a rain out of Ride 3 on May 15th and missing Ride 2 when I was in Virginia we had a nice group for Ride 4 for the trip out to Kill Creek Park.  It was the first hot and humid day after much cooler weather than normal in May to date.  Winds were strong and got stronger as the ride progressed.  It was mainly out of the south about 15-20 MPH out of the southeast at the start going up to 20-25 MPH from the southwest at the end.  This mainly made for a heavy cross wind as the Kill Creek Park Route mainly goes west going out and east coming back.

We had a nice fast pace out to the park but then Eric and I slowed down on the way back, especially after the Twisted Sisters, and Joe, Caleb, Bob, and Kurt went ahead.  Eric is training for the Bike Across Kansas which he has done several times before so it was nice to learn of these and other bicycle adventures including being one of the past Treasurers of the Johnson County Bicycle Club.

Pictured left to right at our SAG stop at Kill Creek Park are Eric, Joe, me, Kurt, Bob, and Caleb.  Kurt participates in a number of races and was going to Iowa, where he is from, for a series of criterion races.  Joe and Caleb are training for the triathlon season with both having upcoming races.  Bob who rides with the Wednesday morning group is a solid rider who participates in a number of local events and was one of the Traveling Marshall group with the Tour of Missouri, which as of this date is still up in the air due to funding from the state.

An upload of the ride including a warm-up from my house is found on my Garmin Connect Account.

Saturday night Carol and I went out for a nice dinner at the Cafe Provence, a nice neighborhood french restaurant in Prairie Village, Kansas.  We were celebrating her birthday.

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