Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quivira Park Bike Group Ride 5 - May 29, 2010

We had a real nice ride on the Lake Lenexa Route as the weather was beautiful with temperatures in the mid 70's at the start and mid 80's at the end.  Humidity was low and there was only a slight 5 MPH wind from the south.

There were 9 riders with one being a visitor from Minneapolis whose name is Eric.  After making the turn onto Prairie Star Parkway we got split up with into three groups.  I led four riders the wrong way as we missed the turn onto Monticello but then circled back.

Ron, Wayne, Larry, Eric, and I met up with Joe and Caleb at our SAG stop at Charles J. Stump Park.  We then found Carlo and Paul on Woodland Road soon after the SAG.  They had also missed the turn at Monticello but continued on to Shawnee Mission Park and then worked backwards to find us.  A little bit of a mismatch on speeds this week.

We had a great climb on what I call the "Oh My Ogg" hill into Shawnee Mission Park then down Renner Road to College Road through the Johnson County Community College back to Quivira Park.  The Ogg Road hill is probably one of the steepest in Johnson County.

In the picture left to right are Paul, Eric, Joe, Carlo, Ed, Ron, Wayne, Caleb, Larry.  The picture was taken at Quivira Park.  A map of the ride can be viewed from my Garmin Connect Account.  Total mileage includes the extra amount and a warm-up ride from my house.

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